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What We Do


At the Happy Baby Community, we want to make sure we protect and empower each other, through shared knowledge and understanding. We meet to learn from one another and to feel strong and supported - able to work, study, volunteer, and help others in need.

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we provide

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yoga & relaxation

The benefits of yoga on mental and physical health are well-known. At Happy Baby Community, we do trauma-informed yoga, suitable for those of us who are pregnant and/or recovering from physical injury. We also get to spend time with a specially-trained massage therapist. It’s incredibly empowering to take time and space for ourselves in which we can breathe and relax.

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welfare advice

Dealing with the Home Office can be confusing, using language and terms we don’t always understand. Welfare advice helps us to understand our rights and makes sure we don’t miss out on any of the allowance or benefits that are essential for us and our babies.

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listening & counselling

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to about our day, or our situation at home. It can be frustrating when the only people we come into contact with are from statutory services. Having someone to listen to our stories is crucial to our recovery and mental wellbeing. We’re able to talk to other women about our experiences, as well as having one-on-one sessions with a counsellor.

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ante-natal support

Midwives, birth doulas and breastfeeding specialists are available to support and advise us through our pregnancies and beyond. They ensure that we have access to the vital information we need for enjoyable and safe experiences of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

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LUNCH and food parcels

We sit down every week for a family-style lunch cooked by FoodCycle. A number of wonderful organisations including the Felix Project donate healthy food parcels that we can take home with us to share with our families.

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Our babies love to swim, and it’s a great chance for us to get some much needed fun too. We make regular group visits to local swimming pools for lessons and relaxation.

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post-natal support

Baby massage is a central part of our postnatal support, and our trained baby massage therapist demonstrates bonding techniques that help us to relax our babies

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english lessons

Improving our English gives us the chance to gain essential skills needed to navigate services, job applications, studies and social interaction. We also want to help prepare our children to enrol in English-speaking schools and nurseries.

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Sitting in a circle, chatting, whilst we learn or practice to knit is great for our mental well-being. We’re lucky enough to have some real pros in the Community!

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new baby bundles

Having a new baby can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many expensive things to buy. The new baby bundles from Pram Depot and Little Village are crucial in relieving some of this stress, in what should be a special time, and include essential items such as baby-grows, blankets, nappies, buggies and other equipment.

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A wide array of toys and activities is available for our babies to engage with. It’s a joy to see them sing, draw and play with each other, and so important for their socialisation. Volunteers are always on hand to care for our babies whilst we get the opportunity to take part in other activities.

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medical care

We can speak to the midwives who regularly attend our groups, as well as seeking medical care from our volunteer GPs.