Happy Baby Community


A community of support for women who have fled from violence or traffickers, and are pregnant or with a young child and are seeking international protection in the UK.

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What we do

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antenatal care

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english lessons

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POst-natal care

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activities for under 2’s


What it means to us


“Every day in the week I stay in my home, just Mondays I leave the home and I go to the Happy Baby Community and meet friends and I have a good feeling”

“The best feeling that I have is on a Monday, I wake up with a good feeling and I have a happy face. It’s the only place I feel I’m home.”

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“I am a young mum, 20 years old and I have a daughter, she is two months old, when she grows up and when she goes to school I would like to start a job, I would like to be a teacher. I like teaching others, even kids, who I love so much, this group helps me make plans for our future.”

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“I am feeling excited every Monday, I think today my baby will be happy when she meet other babies, because she smile when other babies speak with her.”

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Support our community

Happy Baby Community thrives because we have your support. We have two bases, one in Thornton Heath in South London and the other in Dalston in North London. The community is entirely supported and run by volunters who use their skills and energy to help make the Community flourish. We need your donations to cover our basic costs providing food, space and travel refunds. We have an incredible team of volunteers, who use their skills and energy to help and support this community. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch below.

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Volunteer opportunities

We’re always looking for volunteers to join our communities in North and South London. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you!

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Make a Donation

Our community relies on the kindness of others. Donate here and you can make a real, practical difference to the lives of our mums and babies